Saturday, 28 April 2012

Daria Daulat - Tippu's Summer Palace, Srirangapatnam

On the way to Mysore, we visited Daria Daulat which is in Sringapatnam. Daria Daulat is two storeyed palace where Tippu Sultan used to spend time in Summer. So the name "Tippu's summer palace". This is located 14 kms from Srirangapatnam. Nearly 80% of the palace is built out of teak wood. Interior of the palace is very beautiful and watching this is a feast to eyes. Ceilings, walls, arches contains some geometrical designs and  colorful floral patterns.


But camera is strictly prohibited inside the palace. I began to click the photos from mobile and got two strict warnings from security guards who constantly watch and warn tourists. Few tourists ignored their warnings and continued to click photos from their mobiles. Security guards took their mobiles and kept with them until they came out. 

Interior of the palace

History says that Tippu's father Hyder Ali started constructing this palace and Tippu completed it. During Tippu's  tenure Shriranagapatnam was the capital of Mysore for a very short period of time.
The palace houses a museum where belongings of Tippu's have been exhibited. It also contains beautiful paintings which depict rise and fall of Srirangapatnam, childhood days of Tippu and some war portraits.
This palace is set amidst of a lush green garden called Daria Daulat Bagh. This garden is very beautiful and contains many plants like mango, orange, pomegranate, decorative plants and many varieties of flower plants.
Pair of beautiful bird enjoying the cool weather in Daria Daulat Bagh
It was a cloudy evening and weather was cool. We spent few hours in the garden. This garden is good place for birders as one can see many birds. It started drizzling and we left for KRS.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Apsarakonda - Pond of Angels - Honnavar

This was the post long due. Whenever I start writing something about my hometown, I always feel excited. Today I am writing about the beautiful place called "ApsaraKonda" which is verynear to my hometown. In English "Apsarakonda" means "Pond of Angels" (Apsara=Angel, Konda=Pond).
Though it is near to my hometown I didnt get an opportunity to visit this place so far. Last year I visited this place with my family and bowled over by the beauty of the place. Truly this is a place where angels live.
Apsarakonda is a small village situated in Honnavar taluk of Uttara Kannda district. It is just 8 Kms from Honnavar main bus stop. There is a beautiful hill, a beautiful natural pond facing the sea.  People say that Angels used to come from heaven and take bath in that pond. Thats why the name Apsarakonda and you really feel a divine beauty here. The hill and beach offer a beautiful view of sunset.

Viewpoint in the hill
There is a beautiful temple - Umamba MahaGanapathi and Ugra Narasimha Temple  and a branch of Ramachandrapura Matt, Hosanagar (A Religious Matt of Havyaka Brahmin Community). Temple premises is calm and serene. Back side of the temple there is a beautiful but small water fall "Apsarakonda falls". There is a sign board near temple to reach the falls. Just 5 mins walk from the falls you will reach the hill. There is a viewpoint in the hill.  The Apsarkonda hillock verily offers a feast to the eyes that see. You can see beautiful view of beach, pond and surronding lush green paddy fields from this viewpoint.
Apsarakonda falls
ApsaraKonda Hill contains many small and big caves and these caves are called Pandava Caves. People believe that Pandava's had stayed in these caves during their Vanavasa period. This place was not known to outside people for many years. That is one of the main reason it looks like untouched beauty.

Beautiful view of the beach

Pandava Cave

View of Paddy fields from the hill
Now tourism department has taken initiatives to develop this place as major tourist attraction. It has built a beautiful park in the hillock and there is a small water boat in the pond. As a result Apsarakonda is witnessing many tourists these days.

Beautiful park in the hill
How to reach Apsarakonda :

From Honnavar there is bus facility to Apsarakonda but not frequently. Better to go by own vehicle or hire a vehicle. There is a signboard after Kasarkod to reach Apsarakonda. You have to take turn from this signboard and the road which leads to Apsarakonda is mud road.
From Bangalore it takes 10 hours to reach Honnavar. From Bangalore you can catch KSRTC Volvo buses for a decent journey.

Where to stay :
There are many small and big lodges and hotels in Honnavar with good facilities. One famous hotel in Honnavar is "Kamat Executive INN" on Honnavar-Kumta road.

Best time to Visit :
From October to February. Summer is too hot here with soaring temperature as this is Coastal line.