Saturday, 12 May 2012

A wonderful Safari @ Bannerghatta National Park, Bengaluru

Bannerghatta National park visit was totally unplanned. It was our wedding anniversary day last year. We wanted to make it a memorable day as it was Sunday. We planned to visit nearby place in Bengaluru and after googling we decided to visit Muthyala Maduvu, also called "Pearl Valley" which is 40 KMs from Bengaluru. We started from home at 10 AM with family members.  To reach Pearl valley we have to head out on Bannerghatta road and continue beyond Bannerghatta National park
It was a cloudy day and as soon as we stepped out from home it started drizzling. Rain continued to play hide and seek. We were about to cross Bannerghatta National park and it started raining heavily. It was impossible to explore Muthyala Maduvu in the rain. We stopped the car and thought of returning back to home and celebrate the wedding anniversary by having hot tea and bajji in cool breeze. Suddenly my sister in law suggested to visit Bannerghatta National Park as her little daughter would also enjoy the animals. But I was not at all interested to visit the park and zoo as we had recently visited Mysore Zoo, one of the biggest zoo in Asia. Our car turned towards National Park.
After paying entrance fees and taking tickets we entered the Zoo. As it was Sunday the zoo was crowded. Drizzling also  made my mood off. This is 25000 acres zoological park and one of the major tourist attractions of Bengaluru. Zoo has many animals, birds, reptiles etc. Though it is small when compared to Mysore zoo but well maintained. My niece seemed to be enjoying these animals and birds. My mood was still off.

Close up shot of a Cheeta

After having lunch we headed towards Safari. Safari vehicle was ready to leave and few seats were left. This is an enclosed vehicle and not an open jeep. As soon as we entered the safari vehicle it left for Grand safari. Safari experience was so thrilling. We can enjoy Lion safari, Tiger Safari etc. Watching animals in their natural habitat was so thrilling and my eyes were searching for more animals and birds. But I really dont like watching animals and birds in cage and it is very painful.

Safari vehicle entered bears area and wow many bears were lying here and there. As soon as we entered their area many bears stopped our vehicle and attacked the vehicle. I cant forget that scene in my lifetime. Tourists started throwing eatables at them. Bears came near windows of vehicle and asking for more food from tourists. My niece was cheering and shouting. After 10 mins bears gave way to go further and our vehicle moved towards white tiger Safari. 
Bear attacking our safari vehicle

As soon as we entered white lions area we spotted two white tigers. Hmmm what a beauty and majesty! White tigers are more beautiful than brown tigers and watching them in their natural habitat is a feast to eyes. They were wandering freely ignoring our presence.
A white tiger

We also spotted herd of deer, wild buffaloes, Lions,elephants etc. We also enjoyed lush green forest, hills, small water streams. Safari was of one hour and we returned to zoo area. Safari is open from 10 AM to 4.30 PM. I enjoyed every single minute of safari and was so refreshed. I felt I would have missed a wonderful safari experience if we had visited Muthyala Maduvu or returned back to home. Thanks a ton to my sister in law who suggested a right place at right time. Visit this park once with your children. The best option for you and for your children to get refreshed from your routine work and boredom. 

There is also a big lake in the national park where we can enjoy the boat ride.
Boat Riding in the lake
How to reach Bannerghatta National park :
If you are going by bus then there are many volvo buses which ply frequently from Majestic bus stop Bengaluru.
There is a sophisticated bus stop in Bannerghatta.
Food : There are many small and big hotels outside the park area. And also there are many small shops which sell cold drinks, tender coconuts, toys and other eatables. You can also carry home made food with you and you can have it inside the zoo. We enjoyed the delicious palav which was prepared by my sister in law. 
Caution : Please avoid shouting, making noise, littering and throwing food to animals in zoo area.


Nishitha KM said...

hey hi dear..want to enjoy this week end with your family..Blindly you can choose br hills resort and also near by place bandipur resorts..damn sure you can enjoy a lot..because its really an awesome place..

Aji said...

Loved reading your experience and enjoyed the pictures, Chetana. I just wanted to add a bit more to this beautiful write up. People, especially from Bengaluru, should give Bannerghatta a bit more time. Spending a night in the area is a very unique experience. While you’ll be surrounded by completely free animals, you’ll also be able to live amidst a huge bird population. There are over 200 different varieties of birds that live in Bannerghatta at different seasons. If you’re a birdwatcher and from Bengaluru, this is one experience you should not miss. Birds are especially well spotted from November to January.

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