Saturday, 6 October 2012

Munnar : Elephant Safari and The Countryside

2. Munnar Part-2 : Eravikulam National Park and The Endangered Mountain Goat - Nilgiri Tahr
3. Munnar Part -3 : Mattupetty Dam and Mattupetty Lake
4. Munnar Part-4 : Attukal And Chinnakanal Falls

This is the final part of our Munnar trip. Trip concluded with awesome elephant safari in the jungle. When we reached the starting point of safari, there were few elephants with their mahouts (Elephant Trainers). Place was bit crowded with tourists waiting for their turn for safari. When our turn arrived, I was bit scary to sit on the elephant. As soon as we sat on the elephant it started asking for the food by raising its trunk to us. I screamed with fear. Mahout gave us a basket full of fruits and sugar cane to offer it to the elephant. But each basket costs 50 Rs.
The Safari Elephant asking for food
 We settled comfortably and safari started. Elephant entered the small forest area, ofcourse with mahout's guidance. As it was my first elephant safari experience, I was shivering and started chanting Lord Ganesha shlokas for our safe landing :). But experience was thrilling. Watching the beauty of the jungle sitting on the elephant is a different experience. Our elephant was so hungry that it was asking for the food by raising its trunk all the way throughout the safari!!!

Some interseting observations on Elephant Safari :-
1. Safari is bit costly. 250 Rs per person for half an hour safari and 400Rs per person for an hour safari.
2. Mahouts ask tourists to offer fruit baskets to elephants. Each fruit basket costs 35-40 Rs. But it is not cumpulsory.
3. Elephants ask every tourist for the fruit basket. Some elephants were so reluctant that without having the fruit basket they will not keep steps ahead.
4. Elephants were clean.
5. I would highly recommend this for a different experience.

The Countryside Of Munnar :
As this was the last day of our trip we had leisure time. So we thought of utilising this to see countryside scenery of Munnar. Eyes dont get tired of seeing lush green landscapes. We simply filled our  lungs with crisp mountain air while taking a leisurely stroll through the countryside.
Cyclist in Munnar

A Tea  Factory in Munnar
 Honey Bee Tree And Garden Fresh Carrots
We came across a huge tree which houses more than 100 honeybee nests. This is also one of the tourist attractions of Munnar and it is known as Honey Bee Tree.  Carrots are cultivated in some parts of Munnar throughout the year. You can see local people selling garden fresh carrots near tourist attraction places. Enjoy fresh and delicious carrots during your stay.
Honey Bee Tree with many Honey Bee Nests
Observations and Conclusions on Munnar :
1. Who says Heaven is not on the earth? Come and experience Munnar. You would definitely say - Yes this is the Heaven.
2. Munnar is the best destination for honeymoon couple.
3. Munnar's beauty is preserved without being spoilt by too many resorts and hotels.
4. The tea plantation workers and their families live on the plantation, which is totally self contained, with a school, healthcare facilities, cafes and meeting places.
5. The best way to get around  Munnar is by auto-rickshaw. Alternatively, rent a bicycle—inquire about the closest rental place at your hotel.
6. Munnar has some lovely walks in the surrounding hills—if time permits, opt for a trek lasting a few days.
7. Munnar is very clean. Plastic is banned here. So its tourists duty to obey the laws.
8. Hotel Saravana Bhavan - is the famous hotel in Munnar which serves the tasty South Indian Meal on banana leaves.  Try it once.
9. If you want to do shopping in Munnar then buy kgs of tea powder of different flavors  You can buy it directly from tea factories for a cheap price or you can buy from local shops.  Also dont forget to buy spices like elaichi, cardamom, cinnamon which are widely available for a reasonable price.
10. Best time to visit Munnar is from September to April.


R Niranjan Das said...

Munnar seems to have engulfed you. Awesome post!!

chittu said...

Munnar is a wounderful place.
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Johan Silver said...

Desert Safari Dubai is a wonderful experience i think every one go there.

Aparna A said...

The tea plantation workers and their families live on the plantation, which is totally self contained, with a school, healthcare facilities, cafes and meeting places.You can visit there through bus and you can book Online Bus Ticket also.

Vasudevan said...

Hi Niranjana,

This is Vasudevan, writing to you, we went to moonar 2013 for our honeymoon and our first ride together happened to be the elephant safari, unfortunately we lost the very precious pics, presently we are in south africa and we are trying to workout all the possiblities of retrieving the pictures, could you please help us by providing the contact number of the guys in the safari, it will available with the CD/Drive that they give us with our ride pictures.. help us if you can

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Nishidha said...

Thanks for this post and the pictures in it. For my website, I was looking for an elephant ride in Munnar. After I read your post, I am sure that I am going to head my tourists towards this destination.