Thursday, 17 July 2014

Oops!! It was a long break!!!!

Yes...It has been more than a year since I posted here. Pregnancy, delivery and young baby kept me away  not only from blogging but also from travelling. From a busy HR executive and weekend traveler, now I am a busy mother to one year old baby. I really wonder how my life changed  after becoming a mother. Now priority is my son, my son and my son. My day starts when he wakes up..6 AM, 5 AM or it could be 4 AM and ends when he falls asleep at night. And in between cooking, house works etc etc time to breath. I know all mothers in this world experience the same.

I had two options - continue my career by hiring a maid/Nany to take care of my son or give a break to career and become a full time mother. I opted for the second one though it was not easy. I think most of the women face this dilemma once they become mother. If we continue career then we feel guilty for not giving enough attention to the child. If we give up the career then we feel guilty for not continuing the bright and fruitful job. I think there is no solution for this.

My son is a year old now and I am enjoying every moments with him. His naughtiness, play, enthusiasm to learn walking and talking etc gives me utmost happiness which my career could not give.

Meanwhile travelling is the one thing which I missed a lot. With a young baby it is impossible to go distances. But I was reading my fellow travelers post and even book marked few interesting places. Dont know when I will visit those.

I always wanted to update my blog and whenever I sit for writing, my son wants my laptop to play. Yet to write about many places if time ....sorry if my son permits :)