Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Beautiful World Of Garden Crotons - From My Mother's Garden

I have craze for beautiful and colorful Garden Croton plants. There are more than 50 varieties of Crotons in and around my native place. As they grow easily in warm climate, every household in my native place has atleast one type of Croton plants. At my home, my mother has cultivated nine varieties of Crotons in her Garden. These plants are evergreen with shining leaves. Crotons require very minimal care and maintainance if they are grown outside. 
Here are some Croton plants from my other's garden : 
1. Croton which has oval shape leaves. Young leaves are green with yellow spots and leaves turn completely yellow as they get matured.  
2. Croton with long and narrow pattern leaves. Leaves are dark green when they are young and later they turn yellow. Leaves have yellow veins and margins.

3. Croton with long, ribbon shaped, purple color leaves.  Sometimes leaves grow upto 25cm long.

4. Croton with long green leaves and yellow veins in the middle. Leaves are twisted at the end.

5. Crotons with thick, broad, oval shaped leaves and have purple color thick veins in the middle. 

6. Croton with plain, oval shaped, light green and purple color leaves. 

7. Croton with long, thick, arrow shaped, purple colored leaves. 

8. Croton with long, thick, arrow shaped, green colored leaves. Leaves have white spots on them. 

9. Crotons with long, linea,r narrow leaves. Leaves have yellow spots on them. 

These bushy plants increase the beauty of the garden. They attract everyone with their different colored foliage. I tried to keep crotons in pots at my home balcony in Bengaluru. But because of lack of sunlight plants died. 

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