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Hill Temples Of Bengaluru -5 : Ragigudda Prasanna Anjaneya Temple

When we started to Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple, I thought the temple would be like any other small temples in the city. I had heard lot about this temple. I hardly knew that commercially busy Jayanagar is hiding such a big and beautiful temple within. It is easily accessible, near to Central and Gopalan mall (Jayanagar 9th block). 
The main deity of the temple is Hanuman sitting on a small hillock known as Ragigudda. It is believed that a big heap of Ragi (Millet) turned out to become a stone, hence the name "Ragigudda". One can easily climb the hill, sit on the rock and enjoy the temple surroundings. At the base of the hill there are temples of Seetha Rama, Ganesha, Bhagavathi, Goddess Rajarajeshwari and Navagraha. The total area of the temple is around five acres.
Entrance Of The Temple

The Pathway to the Anjaneya Temple

At the entrance there is a beautiful artificial water falls in between the huge rocks and big trees. It is called 'Hanuman Dhara'. At the top of Hanuman Dhara we can see a big and beautiful statue of the bird 'Garuda'. This fountain is illuminated in the evenings and it is a treat to eyes.
Hanuman Dhara

Thrimurthy Sannidhi : One more attraction of the temple is Thrimurthy Sannidhi (Trinity) at the backside of the temple. Statues of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara are beautifully carved of a huge stone and they are 32ft tall. I really feel blessed to see these Thrimurthies together.
Thrimurthy Sannidhi

Temple also has beautiful garden where you can see nine different trees representing nine planets and they are called as Naavagraha Trees. Garden also has fountains, small waterfalls, small pond and mini statues of divine figures.

Temple Complex also consists of -
Parna Kuteera - where special poojas, homas are conducted.
Goshala - there are many cows. These cows milk is used for abhisheka.
Auditorium : Big and neatly maintained. Cultural programs are conducted here.
School and Medical Centre: Run by Ragigudda Temple Management.
Library : Many books related to religion, science etc are available to read.
Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple is a must visit temple for Hanuman devotees. I liked the temple for the following reasons :
Temple is clean and neatly maintained.
There is not too much commercialization. Temple is peaceful and calm.
Lift facility is available for senior citizen and physically handicapped to reach the temple at the hill.
One can sit on top of the hill and relax as long as you want.
Greenery is maintained everywhere. Water falls, fountains, ponds, plants and trees add their own charm to the scenic beauty.
Temple management is actively involved in social works through its charitable foundation.
Prasadam is very tasty :)

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