Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Grand Taj Expo and The Family Fair

The picture of Taj Mahal and a big banner 'The Grand Taj Expo' attracted us near Jayadeva Hospital/Jalabhavan when we were returning from a family function. The word 'Taj Expo' increased my curiosity to know what exactly this expo was all about. We parked the car, paid an entry fees of 150Rs and went inside. Wow!! There was a mini Taj Mahal. A huge replica of Taj Mahal was attracting everyone. Colorful plants and flower pots were kept in front of the Taj Model to create the magical feel of real Taj Mahal. 

This replica of Taj Mahal was made using different materials - wood, plywood, fibre, Plaster of Paris etc. It was created by Chennai born Malaysian artist Shekhar and his team. They took almost two months to complete this Taj model. 
There were many other attractions for kids like kids train, motor riding, water games, giant wheel, toys etc..My son had great fun and enjoyed kids games. 

At the place there were stalls of jewelries, bags, footwear, utensils, cosmetics, cloths. Ladies were seen shopping happily. 

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