Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Devimane Ghat - Beautiful Curvy Ghat- On The Way From Kumta to Sirsi

Devimane Ghat comes on the way between Kumta to Sirsi is located at a sharp curve on the hilly roads of Western Ghats. It connects coastal region to the Malnad region. There is a small Devi temple beside the ghat and so the name Devimane Ghat. The ghat is surrounded by evergreen thick forests of Western Ghat and its mountain range. 
There is also a viewpoint to witness the majesty of Western Ghats. One can have breathtaking views of mountains of Western Ghats. 
View Of The Western Ghat Mountains from Devimane Ghat

Near this view point there is a small temple of Kshetrapaleshwara. People believe that the God Kshetrapaleshwara is protecting the surroundings area. People who travel through this ghat usually stop here and offer money, coconut, banana, flowers etc to the God and pray for their safe journey. Even public transport buses stop here and take the blessings of the God. 
There is also a reserved and protected forest area which belongs to the forest department of Karnataka. Many medicinal plants, trees, herbs can be found here. 

I often commute through this ghat to reach Kumta. During heavy rainy seasons, in the early mornings and evenings of the winter Devimane Ghat will be covered with dense fog which makes the driving tough and challenging. 

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