Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bheemana Gudda - A Must Visit Sunset Point In Sirsi

Beautiful curves of rolling hills and highlands, hugs of cool breeze, little by little setting sun, the sky painted with an array of orange, pink and yellow, a landscape designed by God himself..... Yes this is the beauty of the sunset as seen from Bheemana Gudda. This place is in Sirsi taluk of Nature rich Uttara Kannada district. This place is also called as Bheemanavare Gudda.
We visited Bheemana Gudda in December when we were in Sirsi. My father in law and sister in law accompanied us. Bheemana Gudda is 30 kms away from Sirsi and 13kms away from Amminalli. We went on the same road which goes to Unchalli falls and took turn near Heggarane. From here we went one kilometer further inside on the rough road. If you are watchful you can see the board here which gives the direction to Bheemana Gudda. But one can easily miss this board. There is also one check post but it was locked. Few meters away from this check post there is a view point. All vehicles go till this view point. We parked the car here and after little bit of trek from the view point we reached the top of Bheemana Gudda.
View Point

Little bit of Trek that leads to top of the Gudda
Once you are at the top, you will forget all the troubles you took to find out the place :) You feel fresh, energized and admire the nature. It is not just the sunset, the entire view from top of the gudda is so beautiful that it can not be explained in words. It is something to be seen, felt and experienced! I counted more than 35 hill slopes which can be seen from top of the gudda. 

You can also see the beautiful Aghanashini valley from the top. As the sun turned orange and started setting,  its reflection in the valley is the sight not to be missed. 

I did some research on why this hill is called as Bheemana Gudda? Could not collect much information. However it is said that during Mahabharata period giant Bheema had come here and slept on these hills. 
Note : 
While visiting Bheemana Gudda it is better to take a local person with you, who knows the direction to the Gudda. Otherwise it is difficult to search the place as the directions are not clear. 
If you are going to watch the sunset then better to reach the place before 6 PM. If you are late you may miss some glorious views. Watching sunrise in the early morning is equally thrilling.
Be cautious of wild animals as you have to pass through the forest area. We encountered with two wild buffaloes while going to the Gudda. As soon as sun sets it is better to leave the place.
Encounter with wild Buffaloes on the way to Bheemana Gudda
If hills are covered with fog then it is difficult to have clear view of the sunset. 
You should be extremely careful if you take kids with you. This place is very dangerous and has absolutely no safety measures for tourists safety and security. Just a slip from top of the hill can be deadly. 
Carry enough food and water. Dont throw wastes and plastic covers at the place. 

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