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Varadahalli/Varadapura - Shree Shreedharashrama

We got an opportunity to visit Varadahalli (also kown as Varadapura) when we were returning from Sagar after attending a marriage. Varadahalli is a small village in Sagar Taluk (Shivamogga district) where Bhagawan Sadguru Shree Shreedhar Swamiji's Shrine is located. It is just six kilometers away from center of Sagar. In my place, Shreedhar Swamiji is worshipped by almost all Hindus and most of the homes have his photo in pooja rooms. But I never knew that there is an Ashram for Swamiji until I visited Varadahalli. It is said that Swamiji lived at Varadahalli and spent last few years of his life here preaching the religion.
Shree Shreedhara Swamiji (Img source: Google)
The Ashram is located atop a hill and surrounded by lush green rain forests and areca nut farms. To reach the Ashram one should climb nearly 300 steps that lead from base of the hill. While climbing the steps we can see a Dhyana Mandira on the right side. The Ashram structure is simple yet beautiful. Ashram premises is very silent offering visitors a sense of peace and tranquility. It is the perfect place for doing meditation and to awaken the soul.
Steps that lead to the Ashram

Dhyana Mandira
The Ashram premise consists of -
 ->Shreedhar Swamiji's Samadhi (Tomb) Mandir - It is a cave where swamiji had spent his last year in complete solitude.
->A Sanskrit Pathashala - where Vedas, Upanishads and Swamiji's preaches are taught.
->A Yagnashala - where homas are performed.
->The Gowshala - housing many cows ..we could not see the gowshala due to the shortage of time.
The Ashram
->Dharma Sthambha with the Dharma Dhwaja (flag) - located at the top of the hill - which is an inspiration to the Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma followers.
Dharma Sthambha

Base of the Ashram ie, near the entrance we can see Shreedhara Teertha and a pond.
->Shreedhara Teertha is a continous source of water and said to be formed by swamiji. It is said that this holy water has the power to cure skin diseases. We tasted the water and it was really sweet :) There is a pool to store this holy water. 
Shreedhara Teertha
->We can also find a small pond near Shreedhara Teertha where people can take bath.

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