Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Utsav Rock Garden - Part 7 : An Excellent Knowledge Centre

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It is time to visit the mini forest. As soon as we entered the mini forest area of Utsav Rock Garden my son started shouting with joy. Mini forest has big trees with sculptures of wild animals installed in. My son started identifying those animals. Amma! look at that tiger, lion... look here the crocodile.. he thought those are real wild animals. No wonder, for us too it looked like a big real jungle and we are witnessing a real wild scene. I am uploading just few photos of the mini forest.

Utsav Rock Garden also has one more attraction for kids - a mini lake and boat facility. 

Final Notes on Utsav Rock Garden : 
Utsav Rock Garden is not only a tourist place but also an educational centre. Here traditional and contemporary art are taught to the students and work shops are conducted regularly. There is also 'Utsav primary School' in the campus to teach the students folk art. 
New paintings and sculptures are  installed regularly. Major festivals are also celebrated in the campus by Utsav Rock Garden Staff.
This is the place where you must take your kids. Now a days rural culture is slowly fading away. This is an excellent education centre to learn rural life style and folk culture. Especially for city kids who are totally unaware of rural culture. 
Haveri is considered as the very hot district in North Karnataka region. But when you enter the Utsav Rock Garden you wont feel the heat. This Garden never exposes us to the sun light. Entire garden is covered with greenery and we will move in the shades of trees.
Sculptures in the Utsav Rock Garden are not machine made or molded. These are made out of cement and paint. 
Now Utsav Rock Garden is taken over and managed by Dasanur Group and Mr. Prakash Dasanur is the Managing Director. 

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