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Utsav Rock Garden - Part 6 : Reflection Of Simple Rural Life

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As we moved further we stepped into an artificially created village. This village is the reflection of rural life especially the rural life of North Karnataka people. Village Life in North Karnataka has been beautifully narrated through sculptures which seems to be real. A village and its people, its ambiance, their professions, their daily life, their costumes etc have been designed and illustrated through sculptures. You can also see the unique attire of North Karnataka people. Women wear a simple Ilkal cotton Saree and men wear simple shirt and Dhoti/Lungi. But now a days the younger generation is slowly moving away from this traditional attire.
We saw a beautiful big house of village leader or a landlord. Sitting in the big hall, the village leader was in discussion with a man. His maid was listening to the landlord politely. His dog was standing beside him. And on the other side of the hall his children were busy playing the swing. I was mesmerized by seeing this scene. I felt a real discussion is going on there. And the landlord’s house looked amazing, every corner of the house looked so real.
A Landlord's House

Landlord in Discussion
Next we saw series of houses where women of that particular houses were busy in their household works.
A Grandmother Making her Grand Children have food and other side A mother making her child sleep in the cradle

Jowar roti is an important food of North Karnataka people. Jowar rotis are must in their meals. Here is a sculpture of woman preparing hot rotis.

Look at the typical kirana shop of the village. These kind of kirana shops can be seen in many villages even today.

Here comes the scene of a school in a village.

We can also see sculptures of rural people according to their profession. A cobbler, weaver, tailor, potter, goldsmith, blacksmith all are busy doing their works.

A potter Family
A Tailor Family
A Brahmin's Family
Bangle Seller
We were lost in the magic created by these sculptures. The joy and feel of being in a typical village with village people is something that has to be experienced. That happiness can not be explained in words.

To be continued in my next post......

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