Monday, 8 February 2016

Utsav Rock Garden : Part 2 - The Amazing Art World

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As we proceeded further, after Rajkumar circle we saw 'The Artistic Banyan Tree'. It is very colorful and beautiful. This Banyan tree represents the various stages of human life. From birth to death, various stages of human life are created through sculptures in an artistic manner. It is a symbol of eternity. This banyan tree is the dream of three artists - D.V.Halabhavi, Menajigi and T.P Akki.

The Sculptural Fountain :
As you come out after seeing the artistic banyan tree, a sculptural fountain welcomes you. It is a cute and artistic fountain with sculptures of cute small kids all around the world. Expressions and poses of these kids are simply beautiful. Some kids were playing, some were dancing, some were sitting, sleeping and some were praying the god. Cuteness at its best :) On top of the fountain there are sculptures of different birds too. So we can realize that this fountain has a hidden message - Protect the nature, live and let live.
Sculptural Fountain

Glass Garden area has sculptures made out of small glass pieces. These shiny sculptures are equally attractive. 
Glass Garden

We moved further to explore more wonders of art.

To be continued in my next post....

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