Friday, 12 February 2016

Utsav Rock Garden - Part 3 : A Hub Of Museums And Sculptures

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Next we entered the Marriage Museum. By seeing the board I thought that things related to Indian Marriage system must have displayed inside. But when I entered inside, I was surprised to see some marriage is going on. Bride, groom and relatives are happily posing for the camera on the stage. But when we observe closely we will come to know that they are just sculptures. Dress, expressions of the people on the stage including bride and groom, even photographers look so real and amazing. We feel that we are in the middle of some real marriage.
Sculpture inside the Marriage Museum

Inside the museum we can also see photographs of different style marriages of different states and religions. Something new to learn about marriage traditions of India.

Modern Art Museum houses modern and contemporary Indian art. Different types of modern arts and paintings have been displayed here. We did not spend much time here as understanding the concept of modern art is somewhat difficult for me  :)

Modern Art lovers can spend 2-3 hours analyzing and cherishing these arts.

To be continued in my next post....

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