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Utsav Rock Garden - Part 5 : Beautiful Illustration Of Rural Life

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Life of people in Rural area is very simple. Stress free life is one of the main reasons for their happiness. They see God in Mother Nature. Domestic animals are an integral part of their life. They have an emotional attachment with them especially with cows. Almost every household in Rural India has cow huts and every village has dairy. Cows, Buffaloes, Oxen play an important role in their daily life. Right from agriculture to transportation these holy animals are used everywhere. Rural life cant be imagined without cattle.
Utsav Rock Garden beautifully illustrates the relationship between the rural people and cows through sculptures. It has models of cow huts, dairy with sculptures of cows, buffaloes and oxen installed in. As we entered the cow hut we couldn’t believe that it is just a model and sculptures.  Shape, height, color, Expressions everything looked so real. Some cows were standing, some lying on the floor, some eating the grass.

Model Of Cow Huts and Dairy
We stepped out from the cow hut and felt as if we were standing in the cattle market. There were many cattle and people were gathered around them. Some were buying them, some were selling them and some were negotiating. Ohh!! This is just a cattle market scene which takes place in villages regularly. This is beautifully illustrated through sculptures again. Not only the cattle market, there were scenes of typical rural markets like vegetable markets, grocery markets, flower market etc. I was mesmerized by seeing those vegetables models. By seeing their shapes, colors it feels like  they are real vegetables . No one can make out a single fault in them.
The Cattle Market

A Typical Vegetable Market That can be seen in Villages
A scene of grocery market
Model Of A rural woman with her cattle
A farmer sowing the field with his cattle
To be continued in my next post.....

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