Friday, 29 June 2012

Caught on Camera : The Beauty Of White, Light and Cottony Clouds

Recently I was travelling to Sirsi on NH4. My hubby was busy in driving. I was getting bored. Could not eat my hubby's head also as he was driving. Suddenly a group of clouds caught my attention. I looked at them with a great curiosity. Those white, light, cottony clouds stretched across the broad sky appeared really beautiful. Clouds of different shape, size looked like nature's art. Taking a decent photo of beautiful cloud is not an easy task. I wanted to get down from the car and take clear photos of these natural portraits but my hubby didnt stop the car. So took some photos of fluffy clouds from inside the car. I enjoyed this cloud show throughout my journey. Afterall which is the best place to enjoy the clouds than National Highways?

After reaching home, I searched national Geographic's encyclopedia for some information on clouds. Clouds are visible accumulations of tiny water droplets or ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere. They can appear thin and wispy, or bulky and lumpy. Scientists have identified three main group of clouds based on their size, shape,color and the altitude they form. Those three main groups are cirrus clouds, stratus clouds and cumulus clouds. I knew only two types of clouds. White cloud - Which dont bring rain and Black/Gray clouds - Which bring rain..hehehe :) I observed, compared and tried to identify clouds which were there in my photos with National Geographic's encyclopedia description. But failed to identify :) My effort to identify those clouds is still continuing :)

Sometime back somewhere I have read a mythological story on clouds. Airavata, a white elephant which resides in heaven used his trunk to reach into the underworld and withdraw water. Airavata then sprayed this water into the sky, creating clouds and making precipitation possible.
Whatever the stories behind it, these clouds made my journey beautiful, memorable, smooth and enjoyable.


A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Beautiful captures..:-)You have a nice blog..Glad to have met you here..:-)

Chetana said...

Thank You @ Homemaker's Utopia.
I visited your blog also and liked all your paintings... they are very cute.