Monday, 4 June 2012

Mango and Jackfruit Mela 2012 - Lalbagh, Bengaluru

This weekend Mango and Jackfruit called us back to Lalbagh which is holding "Mango and Jackfruit Mela - 2012". I was watching a local news channel and the news on Mango and Jacfruit Mela caught my attention. So decided to visit the mela once and buy delicious Mangoes and Jackfruit. My sister in law also happily agreed to join us. One of the main reasons to visit this mela is to buy chemical free fruits. Last year I had severe skin allergy and rashes on skin after eating chemical injected seadless jackfruit and doctor also had confirmed the same. It took almost a week for me to recover fully. Since then I didnt even touch Jackfruit and think twice before buying other fruits also. It is like inviting life threatening diseases by paying money. I really miss fresh and naturally ripened fruits and vegetables of my native village. So "Mango and Jackfruit Mela - 2012" provided a good platform for consumers to by chemical free fruits directly by farmers.

There were more than 100 stalls of Mngoes, Jackfruits and byproducts of these fruits like papad, pickle, juice etc. Most of the stalls were kept by farmers of Kolar district. Kolar is famous for Mango harvesting. One could see all varieties of Mangoes like Badam, Neelam, Sindhoora, Alphonso, Mallika, Malgoba etc.... varities in colors, yello, greenish pink... wow is a feast to eyes. Prices of these fruits in the mela were also cheap when compared to market prices as farmers were directly selling to consumers. No interference of agents here.

There was an exhibition on Mango and Jackfruit too. The purpose of this exhibition was to educate people on Mangoes and Jackfruits - their uses, health benefits, varities etc.
Out of curiosity, I asked a stall keeper whether these fruits are really chemical free... He said lalbagh authorities will not give permission to keep the stall if they found these fruits are ripened by using chemicals. All fruits were tested to know whether they are free of chemicals. Thanks a ton to lalbagh for organizing this Mela.

Me and My sister in law baught kgs of different varieties of Mangoes. We have Mango Rasayana fest at our home next weekend. All are welcome guys :)

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