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Hill Temples Of Bengaluru - 4 : Vaikuntha Hills - Krishna Lila Park By ISKCON

Last Sunday we had been to Krishna Lila Park which is being set up by ISKCON Bengaluru on the hillock on Kanakapura Main Road. They have named this huge hillock as 'Vaikuntha Hills'. It is very near to my home and can be reached easily. Krishna Lila Park is behind Gokulam Appartment which is again an apartment complex by ISKCON. From the main road direction boards are put up everywhere. 
Krishna Lila Park, a magnificent cultural complex is spread over 28 acres on Vaikuntha Hills. Construction is not yet completed. When we went to Vaikuntha Hills, construction was in full swing. However two temples on the ground level - Shri Jagannatha Mandir and Radha Krishna Mandir was open to the public. These two temples have traditional design with modern architecture. Jagannatha Mandir has the deities of Shri Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra along with the deity of Sudarshana Narasimha. These deities are in Odisha style and reminded me of Puri Jagannatha Temple. It also has the statue of Shri Sheela Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON. 
Shri Jagannatha Mandir of Krishna Lila Park On Vaikuntha Hills 

Deities of Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra along with Sudarshana Narasimha
Statue of Shri Sheela Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON
Sri Radha Krishna Mandir has beautiful idols of eternal and divine lovers Radha and Krishna. First Ratha Yatra was held recently on Vaikuntha Hills.
Shri Radha-Krishna
The purpose of Krishna Lila park is to present, preserve and promote the cultural heritage and Vedic history of India to the society in an interesting and captivating presentation. Today, our children's minds are obsessed with Superman, Spiderman and such other characters coming from the West. Hence Krishna Lila Park aims to impress upon the younger generation the glorious pastimes of our Vedic heroes like Krishna, Rama and Hanuman and instill in their minds the deep values they represent. It may take another 4-5 years to complete the project and once this is fully open to the public, it will become yet another important cultural and religious tourism destination in Bengaluru city. 
The Proposed Krishna Lila Park on Vaikuntha Hills by ISKCON (Img Source - ISKCON Bangalore Website)
My attachment with Lord Krishna goes back to the time when Doordarshan was telecasting the serial 'Mahabharat'. I was 6 years old then and regular viewer of the serial. Lord Krishna's eternal and supreme personality left a great mark on my mind. I have an immense devotion, love towards Krishna. For me he is an ultimate friend who stays with me in every stage of my life, who listens my prayers, who solves my problems, who guides me and shows the right path. When my little kid started speaking his first words, I asked him to say 'Krishna' and with his sweet baby language he said 'Nikka' :) He is two years now and till he says Nikka whenever he sees Krishna. It feels so lovely!!
When I was staying in hostel near Rajajinagar, the main ISKCON temple on Hare Krishna hill was very close to me. Most of the Sunday mornings I used to go there to attend the first pooja to the Lord Krishna which will be performed around 6 AM. Attending their first pooja is once in a life time experience for every one. But after shifting from that locality I missed ISKCON and its first pooja. Now by Krishna's grace, again I am near to the Krishna Lila Park and no doubt, I will be the frequent visitor to the temple :)

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