Thursday, 20 August 2015

'Nammura Upahara' - A Darshini for Masala Dosa Lovers

On Doddakallsandra road, near to my home there is a small Darshini called Nammura Upahara. I frequently visit this darshini for Masala Dosas. This is bit different from other darshinis. They have very small menu with limited items on the list. Masala Dosa, Avalakki bath, Shavige bath, onion  pakodas, fresh filter coffee and tea - thats all. Except Masala Dosa other varieties of dosas are not available here. If you want  any item for parcel then you have to bring your own carry bags or boxes. 

In the evenings there will be more crowd with most of the people ordering for Masala dosas. Here Masala Dosa is served with green chutney and potato palya which will be crispy and tasty. Masala dosa per plate costs just 20 Rs which is cheap compared to other hotels and darshinis dosa. Other items are equally tasty :) 

Nammura Upahara has normal ambiance like any other darshinis. But it is neat and clean. As their tag line says food served here is clean and tasty. 

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